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Fallon66(42) writes:

Hi there! I am Fallon and so pleased to meet you. It’s been years since I transitioned and I’ve kept myself busy getting an advanced degree and living my life how I see fit.

I enjoy dressing up like my favorite comic book characters and I am always there at every local cosplay event. The Dark Souls and Soul Caliber kind of games has me entranced mow and forever more and I am currently learning hang gliding in my spare time. As for my body, I am mostly average and slim, have a nice enough face, a full chest and a sweet booty. I don’t really party, but I like to have reasonable fun. I am home most times and you can say I am somewhat introverted. Looking to to be friends with someone aged 25-40 and it doesn’t matter where they live or what kind of genitals they have.

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