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MARRYME47(30) writes:

Call it a fetish or whatever, but I do have a special liking for married fellas. They tend to be super-caring and more experienced than the normal bred of men and while they are seldom blessed with woodies that can make my prostate sing, there’s no denying their skill when it comes to matters of sex.

Right now, I need one or two things. The first is hooking up with a married bloke and the second is gettingĀ  married to a fella with a trans-loving cock. If you are married but always wanted to see how a hot trans can taste when you are slipping some sweet salami into her, then call up. And call me as well if you are single and want a relationship that can lead to the alter. Yeah, if I don’t get the married dick I crave, I might as well be married off to a nice bloke who wants daily doses of my sizzling hotness!

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