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PUSSYCATY(35) writes:

Hi love! I don’t really have a pussycat, but I do love cats. And yes, I am cuter than most felines and do need you because I am so lonely most days.

Sure I have standards and won’t be with just any man no matter how much I long for companionship. I mean, you need to have more than a penis to qualify for entrance into my heart. Guys with principles turn me on and the art of giving massages should be lodged somewhere in their DNA, because massages relax me better than bags of snow. And you need to know how to cook, and won’t mind feeding me in bed on bad days and telling me all kinds of stuff that I will be tickled silly to hear. I can set your world afire or I can make it endlessly sweet and that will depend on the kind of guy you are. I really need someone nice and if the shoe fits then get in touch please.

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