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ShakiraShakira(35) writes:

Hi! Call me Shakira. I’m a pretty redhead who craves kisses, cuddles, tickles, sex and all sorts of physical, affection. I want someone I can trust and hang with and we are going to have a lot of fun visiting every cinema, bar, dive, restaurant, bingo parlor and everything else in Manchester and making new memories. Just picture me and you at an alehouse drinking and eating finger food, and then walking home hand in hand singing romantic songs, cuddling on the bed, kissing and having crazy sex with the windows wide open.

I live alone, and I like it when my partner gets all kinky and wants to tie me up and torture me with toys. I’m romantically interested in trans people, so message me if you are one, live in Manchester and find me attractive enough to stay with me for as long as I want.

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