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SaucySue(44) writes:

They call me saucy, I call them freaky assholes. They call me an old bitch I give them the finger and let them know they better go give their mothers another dose of hard dick! Yes, this bitch is a no-nonsense one and my tolerance for bullshit is zero.

If you are still here, then do know it might be your chance to get lucky by winning the hand and heart of a 44-year old ebony trans babe who’s in really great shape. I can sing, dance and shake it better than most  and can fuck from dawn till dusk if I am in the mood and the dick is to my liking. Hookups and romance is what’s needed here, so you are free to call Saucy Sue if you are serious about making me yours and can handle a hottie like me without crying quits.

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