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JNTtG(29) writes:

Hi! I am so tired of waking up everyday without anyone too kiss and cuddle me, before making a sumptuous breakfast we both can gorge on. And I also miss someone holding my hand and going for walks with me, disapproving glances be damned.

I am a 29-year old trans who has seen a fair bit of the the world and have an adventurous spirit a mile thick. I want someone who can be there for me and who craves intimacy and care as much as I do. I am not saying you have to be worshipping the ground I walk on, but you should at least crave being where I am and holding me tightly whenever you can. Something like that sure would be totally peachy. Give me a ring whoever you are if you want what I want and want to do more than fuck me to your satisfaction and run.

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